Sunday, August 31, 2008

Autumn is but a breath away!

Summer is over...ho hum...BUT I do LOVE Autumn! I love the cooler weather...not cold...but just right(even if today is not one of those days). I love UT football. I love oranges, browns and yellows mixed with greens...whether it's in trees, on clothes or interior design. There's just something about the fall. I guess I love seasons...I must admit that in the Spring-I'm happy it's here. In the summer-I'm happy it's here. Even the winter (if there's snow)-I'm happy it's here. I don't think I'd be happy somewhere that was always cold or even somewhere that was always hot.

God uses theses seasons to grow us, to love us and to help us to realize that something knew is always in our future. There have been times when I haven't understood why things happen the way they do, but I can always look ahead and see that the season is changing.

May this change of season bring you out of your slump and into a new relationship with the Father. Lately, I've been drawn to Him. I'm leaning on Him more and more out of reflex instead of conscious thought. It is the hard stuff that pushes us into His very arms. I've definitely had my share of hard stuff lately. He wipes my tears and hears my cries.

Thank you, Father for being patient with me in my silliness and just as happy to have me when I can't resist you any longer. You are all that I need.



Klingbeil Family said...

I'm with you - I love autumn. And I think you're right about the idea that it is the change of seasons that is so attractive. I need that change or the 'slump' sets in. Just when you think you can't take anymore Winter, Spring starts taking shape and changing everything around you.
Thank goodness we have a God who is always there - no matter the season, no matter the change - He is always there.
Great post - thanks for sharing.

Bridenstine3 said...

I hadn't ever thought about thanking God for putting up with my siliness, but I'm sure it's long overdue.

Jenny said...

TRUE THAT! It's so easy to fall into the complacency of life, these changes are a gift from God indeed. Too bad we don't always choose to enjoy that change. Terri, I am thankful for you and your family.

Tammy said...

I'm with you, I love the change in the seasons. I also love that God brings us into different seasons too. I like what Keith said last week. He loves us just exactly the way we are, but He's not going to leave us there.

The Wild World of Richmond said...

I missed that...I was in children's church...not complaining, but I'm glad you shared it with me. I got my own little dose from Mrs. Jennifer. We talked about Job praising God even in the suffering. That is H-A-R-D! AND something I definitely need to work at it.