Saturday, November 24, 2007

There's new stuff posted on my Etsy site!!!

There's new stuff at my Etsy site!!!! Yippee!!! Sorry that it's taken me so long to get a new blog posted. Until September 31st, I was working two jobs and I think it's just taken me the last seven weeks to recuperate. I have been sewing and there are some really cool things. My friends, Ginger and Kay have been shopping for me and found these really cool Market Totes. They bought all they could find for themselves and had a few left over for me to share with you guys. I have mongrammed names, initials, "Go Dawgs!" and more on these things. I tried to find a source online for them, but no one seemed to be able to compete with the deal we got from one of those huge close out stores. We visited each store in the chain from Cleveland to Athens, GA and I think we bought all they had. I actually only have a couple left after Ginger, Kay, myself and a few others grabbed them up for Christmas gifts. Check them out.

I also have listed a few other new things: hooded towel, onesie, koozies, cell phone case