Thursday, December 25, 2008


Well, it's 5:52 AM and I'm up!!! I went to bed around 11:30 and was awakened at 4:00 by a sick child. Please pray for Jayden, he's running a pretty high fever pretty steady. It started yesterday afternoon around 5ish. Yes, it was too late to go to the Dr. and now we're stuck until Friday. I'm hoping that it's just a virus and not strep or an ear infection. Part of me is glad he woke me up. Crazy, I know, but you see, I've been wanting to start a new tradition and the time to start it has just NOT been available. I got the idea here. BUT, I tweaked it to fit my family.
Actually, I do write letters (sometimes) to my kids but they're everywhere... a journal here, on the computer, in a card here, etc. etc. They are not in any way organized. This year, I thought how intentional it would be to write each of them a well, thought out letter and place it in an envelope and put it on the tree for them to find when they wake up. Ken got this really nice box filled with popcorn and stuff from one of his students. I'm gonna collect the letters after they read them and place them in this box. I'll pack it away with the Christmas decor and get it out each year to fill with another letter. Hopefully, my kids will be able to look back and read their other letters from year to year and know that Mommy loves them, but God loves them more (the general theme of the letters this year). I hope that Ken helps write letters sometimes,too (are you reading this, Ken?). I hope they grab onto this and really love it.

Anyway, back to why I'm glad Jay woke me up so early. I had this grand plan and idea, but no TIME to carry it out. Last night, we were up late wrapping and planning for Santa's arrival. I crashed and I do mean crashed into bed at 11:30. My brain couldn't have handled the letters at that point. I sighed and thought maybe next year. Jay's little sickness, as bad as it is, woke me. You guys that know me know what that means. Once I'm awake, well, I'm awake. There's no going back to sleep for me. God prodded me and I spent the last 90 minutes writing these letters. Let me tell you, I loved it. God and I spent some time praying and crying as I wrote them, but I loved it. I hope my kids love it as much as I did. I'll let you know in the next hour or so when they crash down the stairs to see all the fun.
Merry Christmas to ALL from the Richmonds.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday to Kenja!!!!

Happy Birthday to my very loved husband!!!!
40 Reasons why you are loved!!! (whew, I hope I can do this...j/k)
1. Because you are a funny make me laugh even when I wanna be really mad.
2. Because you're a hottie (as Will and his buddies would say about the opposite sex).
3. Because you are a God chaser...truly. You don't give up. You might get discouraged, but you always return to the woods to clear it up with Him. As a matter of fact, sometimes I like to encourage you to go take those walks in the woods.
4. Because you love me, in spite of my rotten self.
5. You love Will and will do anything to help him succeed
6. You love Bryn and will do anything to help her know that we love her.
7. Ditto with Erin!
8. You love Jayden and will even sit for hours playing a game that you care nothing about just to let him know that you love him...ask me how I know this.
9. You are truly thoughtful. You think about things and analyze them and rethink them because you want to make sure that what you do gives the right impression to the receiver.
10. You clean potties....I LOVE THIS ONE!
11. You plunge potties when little ones go overboard with the tp. This one's pretty high on the list, too.
12. You will do things that are dangerous to make sure your wife's crazy decorating ideas are carried climbing a rickety ol' ladder placed on concrete to put a wreath on a window over the garage. You didn't fall on the concrete even though the kids thought you were going to surely die.
13. You give me big hugs that feel very safe and warm.
14. You like chocolate covered cherries...I just like that.
15. You eat things that aren't very good from recipes that i try and you don't complain (okay, I'm stretching this one a little bit, but you do attempt it and try not to hurt my feelings.)
16. You'd rather be with us than anywhere're not consumed with some activity or hobby that is better than time with us.
17. You will do without things so that your family can have things.
18. Your a perfectionist. Okay, sometimes this drives me crazy-but when you're trimming out the paint on the walls and I don't want it on the ceiling-you're the BEST.
19. You work hard to discern the truth. You research. You study. You learn. You don't give up until you feel that you know that you know that you know what God wants you to know.
20. You're a great dresser. You want to look nice. You won't show up at my friend's party or house wearing an ol' unironed tee shirt with holes in it or fibers(inside joke) all over it!
21. You like to play...paintball, poker, cards, hide and seek, basketball, really anything-as long as it's playing.
22. You enjoy time alone with your wife EVEN if it's just to have a quick dinner. You like hanging out with me.
23. You are a sensitive feel the needs of others and you act on those needs.
24. You are a giver.
25. You recognize grace and attempt to share the grace afforded to you with others.
26. You love God's creation. I love that you're a hiker and outdoorsy, campy type of guy.
27. You tell great stories that make other people laugh.
28. Kids of all ages love you.
29. You're a great singer and I love to listen to you sing...especially when it's to me..hint, hint.
30. You love music.
31. You'd rather sit outside and sing Christmas carols around a fire with your wife and kids than go and do anything else.
32. Did I mention that you're a hottie?
33. You make great double layer pumpkin' pies.
34. You are strong!
35. You are constantly trying to think of ways we can make our family stronger and better.
36. You are a great communicator with our kids. I love how you can sit down with them and talk on their level to explain things...something I struggle with.
37. You know how to say "I'm sorry". Even when I'm the one that should be saying to you.
38. You never forget our anniversary or anyone's birthday.
39. You're handy around the house. You've learned how to do a lot of home improvement type things that end up saving us a ton of $$$.
40. I just love you for being you...every little bit of you!!!