Friday, August 1, 2008


Okay, you guys have read my posts referring to my super heroes. These two love to dress up as super heroes and save the world from the Joker, or any other evil villain they can think up. They even sneak up on me and act like I'm the villain. I have also often thought there was a huge fight going on between them, when actually it was a simple game of make believe super hero fun. This pic was snapped on Wednesday during one of their great times of make believe. Spider man is helping batman to soar through the air. Batman doesn't have super powers really...just a lot of gadgets.

Now, on to the real reason for my post. A lot of you know that we braved Six Flags for our last little bit of fun before summer slips away from us. will not believe what I was so ecstatic to see at this great place of summertime fun. One of the big sellers in their souvenir fodder(believe me we walked clear across the park to get it-sold out everywhere else) was a PINK superman cape. It's pink, long, and sure to catch some air as she zips across the room. Now, I love that Jay and Erin play together. It's kind of amusing to watch, but I must admit that sometimes I'm thinking "do you have to be a boy super hero?" What happened to my girly girl? Well, I thought this beautiful, pink cape was affordable. $4.95- so I had to buy it. I also found a superman tee for Jay with an attached cape. He nearly came unglued when he saw it. i have to admit it was pretty cute when they let their capes fly behind them while they rode the balloons soaring through the air. Don't worry. I was careful that they couldn't get hung on anything. Remember, I live with the safety patrol. So our day at Six Flags ended on a high note. A little rain, a few coasters, a few souvenirs, a little food, a lot of $$$$, but even more fun!

I thought I had a good picture of their capes flying behind them, but maybe not. This one was too cute to pass up.
This was the best picture I had showing Jay's cape. I must not have done as well on my picture taking yesterday.

Oh and just for the record, the other kids did go. There will be more to follow about them later, but for now this post is dedicated to my super heroes.

PS I had to look up how to spell souvenir. I still think it looks wrong, but says I'm right.


Brad and Shana said...

OK- Just for the record, I nearly passed out when you said that you let them ride rides with their capes on. At once, I thought, oh my gosh they can get caught in something and rip their heads off (I'm hard core) but the next sentence you reminded me that you live with Safety patrol and my fears were settled. :)

I love that you were able to make each kid a gender specific super hero. We face this problem too at our house becuase we have both sexes. It's a little more difficult to play gender nuetral things.....especially when they're playing with their IMAGINATION! I don't really stress about it too much, I figure it is what it is. The only time it really bothers me is when Bryce is completely surrounded by girls. It's one thing for your girl to be a tomboy but quite the other for your boy to be girly. Although, I know Bryce is NOT girly.....he's all boy!

I did a post one time (back in January - Friends are Fun) and Bryce & Maddie were dressed up as spiderman and batman. I nearly fell out in the floor when they came down the stairs because it was such a shock to see Maddie in anything but something girly. I just had to take their picture. And, just thinking about it makes me smile. Bryce is all "into character and mean and fierce" and Maddie has the most adorable sweet looking pose. In my post I said that she was gonna "kill 'em with kindness." Of all the pictures we have of them, it's probably one of my favorites, although I do oooh & aw over their baby pictures together.

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Oh, that was before my blogging began...I'm gonna have to look that one up. I believe we may be going back to six flags sometime in the next few weeks. If you want a pink cape,I'll be glad to pick one up. They were cheap in my book. I was almost in shock that it was only $4.99. They were having a deal and you could upgrade your ticket for $10 and come back 5 more times. While we won't go back 5 more times, we do wanna take the big kids back because they didn't get to coaster as much as they wanted. The little kids slowed us down. 5 of our tickets were free so essentially we only are paying $10 for two visits. We only upgraded 4 of them.

Tammy said...

Too cute! I love it that you have your very own super heros! If I'm ever in a jam, could I borrow them??

Cyndi Lou said...


I think those 2 have some great parents to look up to, who happen to be SUPERHEROES in my book, so it only figures that they LOVE to play superheroes themselves!!

For the record, I KNEW that souvenir was spelled correctly when I first saw it in your post! :) LOL!!

Your SuperHEROES are SUPER CUTE!! I am with Tammy, though, can I borrow them when I am in a jam??!! They are the best looking superheroes I have ever seen!!
Glad you guys had such a FANTASTIC day at Six Flags... 'more FLAGS, more FUN'!!! :)

Enjoy your last weekend of peace and quiet before another school year begins! We will miss you guys this Sunday, but I will try to soak up some rays in your honor!

Oh, and by the way, here's to praying that I do NOT wake up at 5:40 AM again tomorrow morning!! I am EXHAUSTED!! We have just gotten settled in, everyone fed, and the groceries bought for the week and it is 11:16 PM (CT)!! But I am NOT complaining-- being exhausted at the beach is WAY better than being exhausted at home! Whew!! Moms work really hard to go on a 'family vacation' to 'chill-ax' (hybrid chill out and relax according to Cat J.)!! :)

Love ya girl,

(Your spell-checking, sleeping late friend who STILL thinks the Richmonds are a family FULL of SuperHEREOS!!) BTW... I think 'superheros' is actually spelled 'superheroes'. ;)
(Sorry I rambled on and on and on in this comment/dissertation... what can I say? I am a 'softie' for cute superheroes.)

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Go figure. I spell checked the body and not the title. I didn't even catch it. So I just went and spell checked the title-it can be spelled either way according to So I deciced to leave my multiple spelled heros/heroes document. I think the older I get the worse I spelling-grammar. Good thing you guys love me anyway.

Cyndi Lou said...

You know that I was just giving you a hard time-- wink, wink....

I think the post was a GREAT one!! Have a wonderful weekend!

We love you guys so much!


Cyndi Lou said...


Hey girl! I am so excited that Linda F. came to church this morning!! Thanks for posting a comment to let me know. How AWESOME is that?!! So, you think she enjoyed it, too?! Even better! Praise the Lord! I will keep praying that she continues to come back! Thanks for sending me the awesome news!!

We are having a wonderful time, but right now, I am very tired and I am heading off to bed.

Love ya,


Jenny said...

Haha how cute! Your kids crack me up; they're all so fun. Instead of loaning them out to people in need of them out and make some money. It just might help pay for some college funds! Glad y'all had fun at six flags!!