Friday, August 8, 2008

Where did the last 6 years go?

Okay, so I didn't think today would bother me near as much as it has. My first born has reached the age of school dances, bringing clothes for PE, and the much sought after BAND CLASS! I can't believe that the same little boy that used to sit in my lap, hold my hand as I walked him into school, and tell me jokes that just weren't funny is starting Middle School today. I still hold dear in my heart the crazy pictures that he used to draw of dinosaurs and star wars scenes.

I have to admit I had forgotten about the dances, but I was quickly reminded when I signed up to help with PTO. Lori, the person signing me up, said , "I've already got you down to help me with the dances. They're crazy!" Now, she has had a year to adjust to middle school. I'm just starting. Do you think I really enjoyed the "They're crazy!" No, I didn't. Because the thought of Will mixing it up with the girls really makes my stomach turn. Ken and I have known for some time now that we were heading down a difficult path. You see, our boy and our girl are too close to the same age. Meaning that his friends will be interesting to her and her friends will certainly be interesting to him (and his friends). Does this make me nervous? Yes, it makes my stomach churn deep down inside. Something else that really, really frightens Ken and I is that we will have children in MS for the next 10 years. Yes, count it on two hands. We carefully spaced (okay, it wasn't careful, but who's keeping up with whether I was trying to get pregnant or not? Oh yeah-that's my mom that keeps up with that.) our children three years apart with the exception of Will and Bryn (they're 21 months apart). So when Bryn leaves MS, Erin will start. When Erin leaves MS, Jayden will start. SCAREY!!! We also will have a child enrolled in the youth group for the next decade and 1/2. Also scarey. You see we know teens and we know what teens do that their parents don't think they do...yes, it's scarey. Did I mention that it was scarey. I just wanted to make sure you knew that it was S-C-A-R-E-Y!!!!
Actually, I'm looking forward to having fun playing with my kids and I'm gonna try my very best to enjoy them when their brains turn to mush as a teenagers.
Here are a few pics from our first day back to school. Jay won't start until the 18th.

This was right before we left the house!!!

This is Erin. Doesn't she look thrilled to be in first grade? Her two buddies, Mary Grae and Carson weren't there yet. I think she was feeling all alone in a new place. I'm sure she perked up once they arrived.

This is Bryn with her new teacher, Mr. Kubin. Ya' know , 20 years ago I would have never guessed that I would WANT my child to be taught by this man...LOL. We go way back! He is an awesome teacher and I know that my kids will get what they need to succeed from him.

Bryn had no trouble walking right in , finding her buddy, Victoria and sitting down to a great year. Aren't they photogenic?


Brad and Shana said...

Wow, that whole decade of middle school thing........that just makes my head (and heart) hurt. I feel for you.......but the Farmer's will have their fair share of the middle school years too. Bryce will be in 2nd when SK starts Kindergarten.....and then who knows when Malley will start....

Here's to a great start to a great year!!

The kids look cool (kewl)!

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Well, it's official. Will came home today and said some girl (that he didn't know)kicked him in the shin when he was sitting in the gym. He looked at her friend and said "Why did she kick me?" Her friend told him she thought he was cute. His dad asked him if she was a cute girl? I expected him to say "I dont know". Not what he said- he said "real cute". It's the first day. Couldn't we be in school for a week before this happened-at least?

Brad and Shana said...

Who could blame her......he IS cute!!

Good luck with that.....I'll watch & see what you do and learn all my lessons from y'all. Thanks for "going first".

littlemomma said...

Yes, it is scary. Middle School should be a bad word (or words) "Shush...don't say that MS word". Barry and I just try not to think too much about it. We are just glad that our teenage boys will trust you and Ken. ANd that you and Ken won't let them do anything too stupid. Barry and I hope that we can be there for your kids too, for the next 10-12 years as teens. Oh MY.....

Cyndi Lou said...

Oh my is right...

Oh, Terri, that makes my heart and head hurt as well. The part I related to the most was that our children, too, are so close together that his friends will notice her and her friends will notice him.... YIKES!! That IS SOOOOOO SCAREY!!!! The 10 years in Middle School thing is unreal to think about also!! WOW!!

Just know that God knows each and every day that all 6 of you will go through over the next decade and He will be there for each and every one!! Though some will not be as fun as others, He will walk through each one of them with you! That is comforting to know at least.

Also, HELLO!! The 'yeah she was cute' comment could have at least waited another week!!!! PLEASE!!!

I will be praying a special prayer for your precious family. I can't imagine dealing with Middle School yet!

Love you girl,


Tamara Chastain said...

I love how you have taken us all into the future about 10 years. Yes that is very SCAREY. I love that you got a picture of Mr. Kubin (thats rare) we may need it for the yearbook.

The kids looked great. Mason was glad to see Erin.

Bridenstine said...

Those are great pictures. I, too, loved your summation of the upcoming years for your family. You know which picture is my favorite: The kid that looks ticked off 'cause she doesn't have her friend in the room. I love that one. That's my face for the first 9 weeks of the school year. I think I may need to make that my screensaver. I love it. That's keepin' real if I've ever seen it.