Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Morning...

I wanted to get this in writing and out of my head before it was lost forever.

Keith's sermon this morning was very timely for me. We've had an exceptionally long and hard week. I'm sure that many of you have as well. Problems that have seemed insurmountable have cropped up. We've been a little discouraged and disheartened with several things in our family this week.

Keith reminded us of who Jesus is in our lives and WHAT he is capable of. I needed that reminder, but I also needed the reminder about what comes next. He said that once you get your faith on-then you need to count your blessings one by one. Well, that's what I'm gonna do today. Count my blessings. Please feel free to count yours in the comments as you feel led, but I'm going shout mine out here. It's easy to get discouraged and down and dwell on everything that's not happening as we feel it should. I'm letting go of that and grabbing onto those things that are DEFINITE BLESSINGS in my life.

  1. My husband- he is very good at making me feel secure. When he's not with me, all those crazy insecurities come back. Not that they should, but he does provide me with a certain sense of security. I was somewhat bothered by this, but he reminded me that that's what God gave us each other for. I think I have always been consumed with this certain amount of independence. I feel like I have to be able to do everything without asking for help. That is not how God intended for us to be. Eve was given to be a helpmate to Adam. They were put together to go on the journey together as helpers to one another.
  2. My sweet, healthy children- so many times during the day I look at them and want to freeze little moments in time with them. They are so unique and awesome in their own individual way. God blessed me with them and I want to enjoy the journey with them-not complaing about the hike on the journey.
  3. My church family- I say family because now that we are at EMC it truly feels like home. I feel comfortable and loved by many of you. Sometimes, I'm still trying to find where I'm supposed to fit in, but that's my insecurity not one that you guys have put on me. If anything you guys have gone out of your way to include me in the family side of church.
  4. My job- not many people get the opportunity to choose to take their career and slow it down to part time so that it works with your family. I get to be an adult and interact with adults- and still be a mommy, too. I'm thankful that the Sara Hoskins has allowed me this opportunity.
  5. Last but far from least-I'm so blessed to be called by the Son of God to be part of the best family. He CHOSE me first. Grant it I had to choose to make him my Lord and Savior, but he LOVES ME. He loves me in spite of the screwy things in my past, or the mixed up crazy thoughts in my head. He makes my life significant. Without his sacrifice for me, I truly would be a wandering, confused, unhappy person. I can't imagine trying to make sense of life without HIM as the center. It's what urges me to be the best mom, best wife and friend that I can be.

Thanks go to Keith for the gentle reminder about keeping our minds focused on pure, lovely and holy things.

Hugs to you all!


Tammy said...

Great post Terri! It was a great reminder this morning!! One I definitely needed! I have soooo many blessings to husband, my children, my family, my church family, my friends and on and on.

Hope Ken is feeling better!!! See you at ballet on Tuesday!

Brad and Shana said...

I liked the blessing part too, but I think my favorite part was right after that, when he said after you count your blessings, you need to focus on "......whatever is pure, just, lovely, of good report, noble, praiseworthy....."

So many times, I lose focus on what God is capable of doing.

My blessings are similiar:

Family, health, friends, church, home, etc.

Tamara Chastain said...

Keith's sermon really spoke to me as well. Thank you for being so transparent. I have many things to be thank for as well.

Tim & Angela Fleming said...

I too needed that reminder! It is so easy to get caught up in our busy schedule and dwell on all the things that aren't going the way we had planned. I sometimes forget to count my blessings and just thank GOD that I have a wonderful family that loves me for me and that I can always count on, an awesome church family that I can always go to when I need a hug or prayer, and a GOD that loves and forgives me every time I mess up.... How Awesome Is That!!! Thank you Keith for a great message and thank you Terri for sharing your thoughts. Love ya, Angela

Cyndi Lou said...

Keith's sermon was a HUGE blessing to our family as well. Your post said it wonderfully! We need to focus on the lovely, pure, and holy thoughts and on our blessings- and there are MANY to be thankful for! Thank you for being so transparent and sharing this with us.

I am here and I am praying if you need anything or anyone to talk to.

Love you,


Tammy Howard said...

It was a great reminder.

Sometimes we get so caught up in other things that we forget all the wonderful things we have.

I am blessed beyond measure!

Thanks be to God!!!


Jenny said...

TRUE THAT!!! I've felt like the "negativity nag" this week and this morning God convicted me of that and even though frustrations come and go, I have a lot to be thankful for...amazing family, great friends, wonderful church, a job in this economy and etc...