Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wow! There's a lot of new blogging friends. I really enjoy checking up on everyone's posts. God usually speaks to me through one or more of them. You guys are awesome. I also feel like it's our little online accountability and cheer group. You're accountable because you wanna post what God is doing in your life...He has to be doing something for you to post something. Also, we get to cheer each other along in our struggles. All the struggles differ, but they all have the same solution-the cross.
Lately, I've been thinking about pouring more of Jesus into my life. More than I currently do-it's never enough.
Shana responded to one of my posts the other day about a Beth Moore quote about "our cup should be empty of us so it can be full of HIM." It reminded me of a Bible study that I did with the High School girls at our last church. It was called "Wild About You". Angela Thomas was the main person on the CD that accompanied it. Anyway, she did an illustration with a glass of water. Every time we spend time loving on Jesus and in His word-we add "Jesus Water" to our glass. Every time, we face struggles in our everyday walk-we take a drink of that "Jesus Water". "Did that person really just say that to me? I think I need a sip of Jesus." "I have to pay how much? Give me a BIG drink of Jesus." "You lost my paperwork. I think I need A WHOLE LOT of that drink, now!" You get the idea. As the day goes on, your cup gets less and less full. But when you are totally in sync with Him, your cup of Jesus is spilling and overflowing on everybody else without even saying-"I need a drink of that." They get the benefits of it, too.
I want my water to be splashing on everybody. They need to feel the cool,refreshing, love and peace that only He can give us.
So, I think I'm gonna go work on filling up that glass to overflowing right now.
Love you guys!!!!
Sorry, no pics lately----I need to pull out the camera and dust it off.


Steven, Meleia & Libby Bridenstine said...

Great reminder! I just got a "refill". Thanks.

Tamara Chastain said...

Thanks for drink! I needed that. Love, Tamara

Tammy said...

I need to go fill my glass too! Thanks for that word. I am with you, I love this accountability/encouragment thing we've got going!

Brad & Shana said...

I'm with you about the blogging....well about the 'filling up' too. But, it is very scriptural that we laugh when others laugh and cry when others cry. This gives us all an outlet for sharing our victories and our struggles. You're right, there as different as daylight and dark, but we can still encourage, uplift, and spur on.


Brittany said...

You just splashed some Jesus water on me! Thanks for the drink!