Friday, April 18, 2008

Thinking about Thursday...

Yesterday, the Richmond's had a great day. I will admit I was grumpy at first, but who could stay that way with the awesome weather, great friends, and great scenery. I struggle with moodiness at times, but my husband is so sweet to always point it out and encourage me(sarcasm is dripping right now) out of my mood.
We met some friends, the Kubins at a park in Collegedale. I hadn't ever been there but it was a great park. The kids loved it and it was covered in caterpillars. Erin and Jay were especially loving the caterpillars.

For some reason, in my 96 pics from the day-I only have a picture of David and Kiersten-actually there are six Kubins. David, Julie, Daniel, Kaitlyn, Kiersten, and Nate. Sorry, I can't believe that I don't have more pics of everybody. David and I have been friends since childhood. Julie and I since we were teenagers and Ken met them through me when we met-so we go waaaaaay back. David and Ken now teach fifth grade together at DGE and they both have been and hopefully will be again...LOL...youth ministers on the side. They have a lot in common.

After we left the park, the Richmond's grabbed happy hour slushies at Sonic(the only way we get to get them...who can afford anything anymore-If we didn't go at happy hour, we would be spending $15 on just slushies) . We then decided to head to Rock City. We bought family season passes last year so that we could go see the lights at Christmas. It's just more economical to buy the season passes(again because there are so many of us). Since we have the passes, we now get in free(if you wanna call it that).
Here's some pics from Rock City-it was a beautiful, clear day. GORGEOUS! The views were really awesome! The kids thought they had to pose in everyone of those picture story boards. No wonder, I took 96 pics.
All in all- a RED LETTER DAY!!!!


Brad & Shana said...

Don't you just love a red letter day!! It just does something to the heart, to spend a fun day with your family.....a day outside the 4 walls of normalcy. So VERY glad y'all had a fun day. We love that Collegedale park, it was really close to our old house, so we went there a lot. It's also great for bike riding, or just walking. But, the playground is great!!

I love how you do the pictures in a slide show....the next post I do with a lot of pictures, I'm going to try that out......Is it hard?

Glad y'all had fun!

Tammy said...

Looks like lots of fun! After a rough start, the weather has been fabulous this week! Glad you got to enjoy it!!! I love your new look!

Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...


What a WONDERFUL post!! The pictures look great! I like the way you did the slideshow. I really enjoyed watching the slideshow of your beautiful family and friends!

I am so happy for you guys that you had such an awesome red letter day! Those are such fun when you enjoy your family and the weather and great friends to boot!! Thanks for sharing with us. The pix of Rock City make me want to go SOON! Here's to many more red letter days this Spring & Summer!

Also, the new look is great! I really like it. We hope to see you tomorrow so we can give you big hugs!!



Scooter said...

Oh my GOODNESS! I cannot believe how BIG your kids have gotten. Scott is going to freak out - he's asleep though I have thought about waking him to look at them because I'm goofy enough to forget by tomorrow. It has definately been TOO LONG since we've seen the Richmonds! Glad you had a wonderful day!

Angie McGhee

Brad & Shana said...


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