Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Poker Night at the Richmond's

Well, I hesitate to post this, because my EMC friends may no longer be interested in the family that squanders goods for cards...hope you guys see the fun in this and don't see the dirty, sinful side...LOL. (PS. for a later post, but we heard from God-all you that are waiting to hear from us).
About a year ago, Ken and I introduced poker to our older two children (11, and 10). They loved it as much as we did and actually picked it up pretty quickly. Tex
as Hold 'Em. Easy, fun, and quick to play. If you don't know how, just bring your child over and we'll teach you both how it goes. Erin's even starting to understand it now. She's her Dad's biggest cheerleader. Anyway, usually we just use regular poker chips, but Ken decided we needed to make it a little more meaningful...candy was going to be what we used this time. He carefully made the trip to Wally World to purchase a variety of mini candy bars, m&m's, and other assorted poker worthy candy.
The excitement was WILD. Mention candy and their little mouths start to water. The candy was divided up evenly. M&M's were equal to 50's, kit kats, mounds, and milky way's were 100's and the grand reece's was worth 500. I think Ken was more excited than the kids.

Well, after many rounds Will and Bryn both decided to drop out on the same round with only one candy bar left. They decided they better keep the small mini candy bar they had rather than risk losing all they had left.

Dad and I knew that what's his is mine and mine is his so we didn't continue any further. Ken had more than me so I guess he was the real winner.

Here's the great DAD kissing his winnings.

AND Will frowning over his concessions.

What spiritual lesson are we teaching our children? You got me but we sure have fun just hanging out and having fun. Will went to spend the night with a friend Monday night and actually thought twice about going because he thought we might be playing "candy" poker on Monday night. When we told him we'd wait 'till Tuesday, he decided to go ahead and accept the friend's invitation. I must say that we enjoyed that. To know that our almost twelve year old was going to choose us the old fogey's over his friend-did make us smile.

Didn't want to leave out the recovering Bryn(10)(she had strep Sunday PM/Monday) and the gruesome twosome Erin(7) and Jay(3). They were having a blast on the trampoline this afternoon. Aren't they the cutest things you've ever seen?


Brad & Shana said...

I think it's great that y'all play poker with the kids. I especially love the candy version....that is hilarious. We love card games, but I don't know how to play poker (I think Brad does) but Bryce would be all over anything that had candy for the "winnings".

I think anything you can do WITH the kiddos that they love is worth doing!!! What a compliment to y'all that Will was worried he was going to miss out!!

Glad Bryn is all better!!


Tim & Angela Fleming said...

Terri, Thank you for your sweet message about Ella. I am looking forward to getting to know you better also. We are so glad to have you join our wonderful EMC family. We do have a wonderful church!!!

I love your post about poker. We love Texas Holdem. What a neat way to play with candy, but ooohhh I would be so fat! (cause i'm always the winner, but don't tell my husband i told you that)haha!

I also love your pictures. What a beautiful family!

Tammy said...

How fun! I don't know how to play poker, but you make it sound sooo fun. Maybe you can teach me one day! I think it is awesome that Will has so much fun with mom and dad that he would be willing to stay home! That speaks volumes!!! Glad to hear Bryn is feeling better. Maddie keeps saying she wants to have Erin over. We need to do that soon!

Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

What fun that is!! Now, you know you will have to have the Rogers over to play 'candy poker' sometime soon! Joe knows how to play poker, but the 3 of us need to learn!

The kids would love it, but I am concerned... at what age should I teach my children about poker- since they are only 5 and 6 right now- soon to be 6 and 7?? :) I am with Shana on this one, anything you do with the kiddos that you are doing together as a family is worth doing.

And I must say I am impressed that Will was worried he would miss out by going to a friend's house. That says a great deal about what COOL parents you 2 MUST be!!

You can play poker with the Rogers crew anytime! But, if you want to WIN, plan on a night that Joe can't play. He is the card shark in our family! The pictures of Dad's winnings and the kids are GREAT! They are cuties! Glad to hear Bryn is feeling better!

Have a fantastic day Richmond family! I hope you are enjoying your Spring Break!

Love you,


Nana Elaine said...

What fun!!I love poker AND candy. I need to play with you guys.

I want to tell you how much I enjoy Will and Bryn in Sunday School. They are awesome kids!!
But then the parents are pretty awesome too!!
Love you all

Tammy Howard said...

I love the candy version od poker. But if I was playing you would have to have some snickers bars...cause that's the best candy out there. I don't know how to play poker but would like to learn.

Do you think Pastor Dewey would let us have poker night at church? Those EMCer's are a wild bunch.

I think anything that is fun for the family is a blessing to God's heart.

What a great idea!!


jonesfamily said...

Wow who knew poker could cause such an uproar??....LOL....

What fun you all had! Wade says it sounds like you need to have an extension with the candy version (with the addition of added friends....lol)

Brittany said...

How fun! My husband loves playing Hold 'Em. I have never really gotten into it but with candy involved I just might think twice. What a great idea!

Jo said...

No wonder you call your blog "The Wild World of Richmond!" I think it is a little sinful to be playing poker...for candy, but now if you play it for ice cream!!! Can we come?... "You got to know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em, know when to walk away"...see I could even sing while we play! We love you Richmond family, and we are so glad to have you in this equally wild and wonderful family at EMC! Yessir, I think this will necessitate a "Pastoral Visit!"