Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Last night...

I think a lot of you know that last night Ken and I were scheduled to meet with the youth council at EMC regarding the Youth Ministry Position that will be open this summer. The meeting went very well. Many of them shared their hearts with us and we were able to share our hearts with them. They will be praying over the next few days about their decision. Please keep them in mind as you're seeking God this week. Ken told them(and I agree) that whatever they decide is fine with us. We want God's will. If they came back and said they were looking for something different or someone else, we would take that as a shut door from God. That has been our prayer. If this is not where He would have us serve, then please, close the door. We certainly don't want to just fill a vacancy. Dewey did send us a very encouraging email this morning.
I just wanted to keep you guys informed of where we are in the process. I love my buddies!!!

I probably won't be at church tonight as Will is still sick. Pray for him this week, too. He has some kinda wild virus that is hanging on....just a fever-nothing else. He was negative for Strep on Monday, but we just can't get this stinking fever to leave. Oh and I put up a few pics from our fishing extravaganza on Sunday.
Love you guys,


Tammy said...

We will be praying, both for you and Ken and for Will. Of course, my "humanness" REALLY wants for it to be God's will for you guys to have that position. But, I really will pray that His will be done. :) We missed you at ballet. I hate to hear about Will. It is so frustrating when they have a bug that hangs on and you can't really do much about it. We will pray that he is better soon and that nobody else gets it!

Brad & Shana said...

You've got some good fishermen there!!

I, too, would SUPER LOVE to have you & Ken have that position. I agree with your heart and mind about the whole situation, and of course, agree with you concerning God's will.

It's an honor to pray with you about this (and Will.....and any other thing). Look forward to seeing what God's gonna do.


MBJones said...

We would love, love, love to have you guys! We will be praying too.


Jenny said...

I'm right there with them, I would love for it to be the Lord's will. I'll be praying for it to be completely clear for you guys. It's such a blessing to have you guys @ EMC. Your family really is an encouragement. Hope Will is feeling better.


Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

I couldn't say it better than the previous ladies! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see Ken as our Youth Minister and you right there by his side! My human nature wants that for our youth and our church and for your family. I pray that His will is done and that everyone is at peace on the other side!

I am honored to be able to pray for you! What a blessing you have been in my life and for our church!

Love you,


Nana Elaine said...

As a youth worker, I too would LOVE to see Ken in that position.
I heard his wise counsel last night in youth and I saw how well it was received by the youth.
I think he surely would be God's choice. But I too want HIS perfect will.
Love You guys,