Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where, Oh Where Did My Lazy Days Go?

Ho hum, well, school started back...ho hum.  I miss summer.  I love my job, but honestly, if I didn't have to work- I would love that, too. :0)  It seems like the weekend takes forever to get here and then it's gone when you blink your eyes.  My kids are kinda like that, too.  It took forever for them to get here and next year Bobo will be driving.  Seriously?  Crazy!!!

I spent my Saturday cleaning and organizing. I blinked and the day was over.  One linen closet clean. Check.  Armoire in the bedroom weeded out.  Check.  Kitchen cleaned, sanitized and mopped.  Check. Living area mopped.  Check.  Linens washed.  Check.

Before, my summer was quickly snagged from me.  I was able to make a few things.  Here's one of my little projects.  I was inspired by another blogger, but can't seem to find her page right now.  When I do, I certainly will give her credit.  Hers was very similar to mine so I quickly copy catted it!!!

  This wreath  was really. really easy, but did take a lot of time.  I just tied the ribbon and fabric in knots onto one of those wire wreath thingy majigs that you can pick up at hobby lobby for a couple of bucks.  My fingers would get sore so I'd have to take a break for a day or so, then I'd come back to it.  It's a lot of tying.  I finished it and hung it on my front door but decided I didn't like it there.  Then, I put it in my living room didn't like it there either.  It migrated to my bathroom on one of those blank walls over the tub.
I'm still thinking of adding a big ol' "R" to the center of it.  Hmmmmm....that may be a project for today.  Ya'll know I'm monogram crazy.  My kids say, "What's with all the  "R's" in this house?"  Bird (aka Jayden) said the other day, "Mama, we're making a whole new house.  We're changing everything."   I say, "Well, we had a very productive summer with our paint cans."  :0)

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Rebecca D said...

I popped over from the Inspired Room...

I am glad I'm not the only one who noticed how much work those scrap tie wreaths are... I've seen blogs where women claimed to make 3-4 in a night... What... I'd never be able to move my fingers again... It took me a week to do one!