Friday, August 13, 2010

First Day of School

OK, for the first day of school festivities I arose at the crack of dawn to make alphabet pancakes for the kiddos.  NO, I do not do this every day or even every year.  I just wanted to somehow attempt to start their day off right.   The little's loved it.  The bigs rolled their eyes at it.  I wasn't surprised by the responses.  Also, did you know that middle schoolers DETEST having their picture made first thing in the morning?

He was struggling here...just rolled outta the bed.  But you can see the excitement in his face.
Just wondering if anyone else's husband keeps it soooooooooooo cold in your house at night that as soon as you step outside with the camera, the lens fogs up?  Who likes struggling with a foggy lens.?  Doesn't Jayden look sooooo excited?
See, no foggy lens here.  They are adorable!

Jayden with his kindergarten teacher, Ms. Renee (otherwise known as Ms. "Hot").   We'll leave it at that.

Erin and Ms. Dohne!  She already loves her.  She ABSOLUTELY loves that her best friend, Emily is in her class.  They haven't been together since kindergarten. 

This afternoon!

I wish it were really like this, but I must confess that they came and asked me to take a picture of them "fake" sleeping.  Ok, so it's fake.  It's still cute as a bug!  Love them!

******edited to add******
The hunky guy made me add that he had to eat plain ol' round pancakes.  He did not get to partake in the alphabet

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Tammy said...

so cute! Glad they had a great first day! And I'm mucho impressed with the pancakes. :)