Monday, September 15, 2008

Monkeying around...

Well, today I am at home with one sick child, sent one partially sick child to school and have one faker(Jayden). He's so funny. He keeps coming up to me saying things like: I'm sick, My froat hurts, I've fever. Now mind you, he is running all the while, not acting sick at all. He's heard his brother and sisters complaining and is just simply being a monkey copying them.

Funny how little kids do that, but they do. I remember my mom and other youth leaders telling me when I was in high school that the younger kids were watching us. I don't think I ever believed them, but I do see it happening now. I'm sure it was happening then, but it seemed kind of crazy at the time.

I tell the girls in the youth group that Bryn is watching them. I don't know if they believe me, but she is. I see her try to copy their outfits, the way they fix their hair, and the jewelry that they wear. She even begins to talk like them and copy their gestures. Does this strike fear in my heart? Of course it does. I have no control over what these girls say and do around my young impressionable daughter. Sigh...I suppose I will turn her over to Jesus again like the many times before and the many times yet to be had.

All of that to say, am I copying my hero? Do people look at me and see a carbon copy of my maker? Don't answer that. I know the answer. I will continue on my journey one day at a time and try to grow more like him everyday. Just remember, I'm not done yet. Hopefully, one day people will look at me and see undeniably who I belong to and to whom I am loyal. I am thankful he loves me where I am and loves me to much to leave me there(and thank you Pastor Keith for this reminder).


Brad and Shana said...

Great post, Terri......really makes you think.


Cyndi Lou said...


Great post sister!! It does make us think about who we 'look like' in others' eyes. You my sister are a beautiful reflection of a Godly mother and wife and a precious friend! I love the 'copying' you are doing... I see Jesus in you!

I know He is not done with you yet, but that makes you all the more beautiful! Thank goodness He isn't done with all of us!! We need all the help we can get, right?

Love you,


Tamara Chastain said...

That is so true. To think that Malley is watching me is a scary thought. Sometimes when she is mad and upset she sounds just like me and I hate that. I think I need to change my tone. Thank God, He is not done with me yet. There is still hope.