Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Party Extraordinaire

Sigh....I'm soooooo tired. Well, it's 1:30 PM post Friday night slumber party and I feel like I should fill you in on the party.
Let me back this up to Thursday evening before the party. Will gets ready for bed and very graciously lets me know that his throat is really hurting. Bad hurting. No temp. Some congestion. I'm thinking, "oh, it's just sinus drainage causing a sore throat."
You know, my medical background and all... I thought I had it nailed. (just kidding here). We awaken Friday morning pre party to a really, really, sore throat and a temp. I manage to steal an appt. at 9:10 with Dr. Riesco. You guessed it! We're positive for strep. 9 ten year olds are scheduled to arrive in approximately 9 hours and I have a big brother positive for strep. "No worries" says Dr. Riesco. Just quarantine him to his room for the length of the party and make his bathroom off limits. I think this is possible, so I go on with the party plans. Poor Will, banned to video games and movies in his room all night. He's actually pretty happy with the plan. Lysol becomes my best friend for the next 6-7 hours. Ken and I attempt to de-germ the whole house. Not on my "to do" list but it had to be done.
Now, on to the party. We invited 9 girls-every last, stinking one of those precious little girls RSVP'ed and arrived before the party. I was praying for strength and mercy. God must be preparing me for the years to come, because these 10 year olds are pre-puberty but are every bit as emotional and high strung as any teenager. They also had some difficulty with rule following. Remember, the rule about quarantining Will-well, sure enough they had to see what he looked like and if he really was in that room. Don't worry. Mom was on the scene. "Hey, get away from that door. " "Will lock your door." "No, you can't take him a drink."
We made "top your own" pizzas and decorated our own cupcakes. Each of these was cost effective but labor intensive....yikes. They all seemed to have a great time. Choruses of Hannah Montana's "Who said, who said" from the Karoake machine could be heard around the neighborhood until late in the evening. They even subjected themselves to a not so spooky moonlight walk in the woods with Mr. Richmond. Actually, I don't think they made it to the woods. They were back almost as soon as they left. Chickens. He was actually going to share some deep spiritual insight with them, but they just knew he was gonna scare the stuffing out of them.
I guess the real fun did not begin until 3:30 AM when Ken rolled over and said, "Terri, pleeeeasse, make 'em go to bed." I tried to encourage peace(the quiet kind) but peace did not come until about 6:00 AM. Yes, I typed that correctly. Some of these sweet, adorable girls were up until 6:00 AM. I'm thinking, oh now they'll probably not wanna get up tomorrow. They'll sleep in. NOT. They slept until ...are you ready for this...6:30 AM. Yes, thirty minutes of peace.
Ya' know. I'm sure there's some kind of great, spriritual lesson in all of this that I wanna share with you guys. I wanna hear the "Wow, that really spoke to me." OR maybe, "that was really profound." BUT right now-all that I can say is.....hmmmmm.....maybe I shouldn't say that. Well, I guess I better wait until I have a full night's rest before I expound on the spiritual side of our journey.
Here are some pics to leave you with a "think before you do this" moment.


Brad & Shana said...

I feel a sainthood nomination coming on!!

Bless you my child!

Steven, Meleia & Libby Bridenstine said...

You guys are so brave! My stars. I would have been a wreck---before, during and after. It is definitely something the girls will never forget. And, Big Brother Will, provided a definite point of interest for them. Hope he's feeling better. Hope big sis is feeling older. Hope you guys are feeling back to normal!

Tammy said...

Looks like fun was had by all. Glad you all made it through in one piece! :)

Tammy said...

Love your new look!

Brittany said...

You survived! So happy to hear. Looks like a complete blast for the 10 year olds that is :) Can't wait to hear/see what ideas you have for Ada's new garb. Thanks Terri!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things went fairly well. I love that you are doing a blog. I'm feeling a little pressure to start one. We'll see! love, Tamara

Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...


It looks like the girls had a WONDERFUL time! I am so glad that Bryn had a wonderful birthday celebration, but 6 AM??!!! Anna Grace will NOT have a slumber party until she is 18 if they stay up until 6 AM! Whew!! I got more and more tired just reading your description of the evening's events.

Bless your heart, STREP!?!?!? You are a brave mom, indeed!! You are one of my heros!! Take this with you, I am sure that many precious memories were taken away (at the expense of your peace) with those 9sweet little girls who ALL RSVP'd YES! LOL!! Also, the new blog look is GREAT!!

Love you!


Brad & Shana said...

Poor, poor sister made it to your bloggy friends list, but not us. What'd we ever do to you??? :)

If you're like me, when I changed designs I lost all my links. I left my sister-in-law off for a month or more before I noticed.

Just noticed we were missing, and wanted to give you a hard time. As if the birthday party wasn't enough punishment. Ha ha

See you later,

Brad & Shana said...

Oh, I figured it out. Your'e holding out for the roast beef, huh. OK - I'll make a deal, I'll bring it to our last parenting class. How's that sound. With all this hype, it'll probably be a huge letdown.


Tammy said...

Don't feel left out, we didn't make the list either! :) I don't even have roast beef to offer. What shall I do??

The Wild World of Richmond said... did I miss you guys, too. I'll get you back soon!!! Sorry! Darn those new templates!