Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My family, my life, and more

Well, all of you great bloggers that are my friends have really inspired me. I'm gonna try to blog more often about all the cool things that my family does that drive me crazy and make me love them more.
Let's see this week, we are in the midst of finishing up the touches on a belated birthday celebration for Bryn (pictured to the left). Her birthday was March1st, but because so many of her friends were born around her birthday....we've had trouble finding a date. We've been partying like crazy for weeks and it's not been for Bryn. It started Winter Break and I don't think we've had a weekend without a party, yet. The crazy thing is- I think there are still two parties left on this rampage after we finish ours. You have to put in early to find a date.
Anyway, she wants to have...drum roll... a slumber party. Well, that sounds really cool until you start thinking of the 9 pre-teen girls that are all going to be going crazy at my house over High School Musical and Hannah Montana. Thanks goodness for the bonus room....away from my bedroom. Hopefully, I WILL get some sleep Friday night. Let me repeat...I WILL GET SOME SLEEP. That was stated most emphatically with optimism. It will happen
...right? Please, someone-please tell me that I will get some sleep. Please, tell me that there will be no drama. Please, tell me that I will look back on this party with fond memories. Do I sound scared? I am...but don't worry-I won't let them see the fear in my eyes.
Hopefully, I'm pouring love and time into my daughter that she will remember for years. I keep telling myself that this is worth it.
I'll let you guys know how it goes after the dust has cleared.


Brad & Shana said...
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Brad & Shana said...

As long as you remember the first parenting commandment,

Never, EVER let them see the fear!

you'll do just fine. Ya'll are great parents and lots of fun, and I'm sure the party will be a blast. Besides, sleep is overrated....when your 10. Oh, to be young again!!

Brad & Shana said...
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Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Bryn! Hope the slumber party goes well!

Terri-I don't know if you remember me. We worked together on weekend # 27. You were a table cha and I was in the kitchen. I kept freaking out about your age and how many kids you have and you look like you are 25. Anyway, I hope you are doing well. I was actually pregnant on that weekend and did not know it. Our little girl was born Feb 10th. Shana Farmer noticed from our family blog that I adore all things monogrammed so she directed me to your etsy cute. I would love to place an order. I was wondering if I can order the personalized onesie (the one with a blue J) with Ada's full name on it with pink fabric and lime green stitching or lime green fabric with pink stitching. (size 3 months) What do you think? I love your stuff. I have two friends that just had babies and six friends due between now and September so I will definitely be a frequent shopper :)

sorry for the novel!


Brittany said...
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Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

Happy Birthday Bryn!! I hope your slumber party is a blast!! I know you will have a GREAT time. Take it easy on your mom and dad, if you can. :) Terri, I love your blog and I think the world of your family!! I have added your blog URL to my Family and Friends Link.

Thank you for what you said about my blog entry for today! That meant a lot. Living in the middle gets really hard at times!

Have a wonderful Wednesday Living In The Middle!



jonesfamily said...

"Don't let 'em smell the fear"...LOL Hope you have a great fun time with the slumbering. I am enjoying getting to know you guys. Have a great Easter weekend!!


Tammy said...

Love your blog! Glad you are joining in on the fun!! Happy late birthday Bryn! I am quite confident you will all survive the party! :) Can't wait to hear about it.