Friday, March 28, 2008

Be Still...

Today, I'm stressed as usual going from one activity to the next with little energy and less pizazz. I've crammed so much into my life that sometimes (often) I forget to "be still" with God. Actually, it's probably a lot less of forgetting and more about my priorities.
At the last Tres Dias Weekend that I worked, the theme was "Be Still". I'm still learning and pondering how to "be still". I guess when you're a mom with a large family, well, any family-you tend to always think about what needs to be done for your don't take the time to stop and focus on God and just listen. I can write in my journal, type, sing, worship, but the actual "being still" part continually remains a mystery to me. I really have to sit and focus to "be still". I had to laugh to myself this morning. Life started off with a bang at 5:45. I'm fixing lunches, doing clothing preparations, making breakfast, making sure antibiotics were taken, hair was fixed, shirts were tucked in, and that socks matched. In the middle of all this, I had to go to the bathroom. I have a quick devotional that I'll read when I'm in there. This morning the title of it was "He renews". How I needed that-I knew what today was going to bring and I was already exhausted. God literally forced me "be still" to remind me that He is the source of my strength. If I don't take time with him then I'm never gonna make it through until the end. I then rushed my family out the door. I was longing for more time with him...more time to "be still." He had just hooked me in for a deeper time. I know that today will be crazy-it never lacks craziness at the Richmond house. But knowing that I took a little extra time to spend with Him, will help me through the craziness. God is the author of my life and I really have to let Him take control.
Mary Beth, I'm still learning to say, "I'd love to, but I can't." You don't know how many times your story has come to mind when others ask for things from me that I wanna give them, but I just can't commit. I simply and graciously HAVE TO say, "I'd love to, but I can't." I'm still learning how to do this. Learning to whittle down my life so that "being still" is not something that I have to work so hard to find the time to do.
I wanna encourage you guys to go to the Source to recharge your batteries. It really has been refreshing today to take time(real time) with my best friend, Jesus. He sees me as I am and loves me more than any other.
love you guys,


Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...


WOW! Did your post speak to me or what??!! I am learning SO MUCH about His need for us to BE STILL! That is SO VERY HARD for me too- a mystery indeed!! He showed me this week, that He will go to great lengths to get me still so that I can really hear from HIM! Thank you for sharing so openly with us. I will be praying for you today!

Love you,


Brad & Shana said...

I think being still, like you said, is a mystery to most moms. I try to go back to what Beth Moore said in a bible study....somehow it just clicked.

I want my "cup" to be empty of me.
So I can be FILLED with HIM.
So, I what my life OVERFLOWS with is all HIM.

My guess is the only way to do that is to spend time with Him. But, more than anything I want my kids to benefit from God's overflow...I sure don't want my cup to be full of myself. So, it's important to make it a priority....for our kids.

But, oh, that sneaky guilt.

another thought....what would happen if all/most of us EMC bloggers decided to really try to make it a priority to be still with him????? Food for thought!

Enjoy HIM today!

Tamara Chastain said...

WOW is right! Your comments truly touched my heart. Thanks for being so transparent. Love you girl, Tamara

Tammy said...

Wow, God is really speaking through the blogs this morning! How exciting to think of what He can do through our little "EMC Underground Network"! I was really struggling this morning and God knew just what I needed to hear. Thanks Terri for letting Him speak through you!

Jenny said...

That is something I've been having a hard time doing lately. Thank you so much for that refresher Terri!

Anonymous said...

DE COLORES!!! I made Tres Dias #1 in North Florida. Glad you had some still time with God on your last weekend.