Friday, March 9, 2007

Wow, My First Ever Blog!!!

Some people have encouraged me to start a blog to promote my sales. I decided to jump in and go for it. My first struggle was that even though I've been called "That's So Cute!" for 2 years now, someone else seems to have grabbed my name. I never went to the trouble of getting it legally so I guess it's theirs for the taking. I'm trying out "That's Sew Cute!" but we'll see if it sticks. I am very busy with a lot of spring type orders. One great Mom's group is in the process of bundle ordering a lot of my hooded towels in bulk at a discount. I'm always open to this, so if anyone else is interested let me know. I'm not sure how to post pictures but I'll start trying to learn right away! Tata for now.

For you guys that don't know, you can click on the pictures below and it will take you directly to that item in my etsy shop. Often, I have posted more pictures of the item on that site so you will be able to see even more stuff!!!


PoppyPatch said...

Terri - I'll be your first post. Congrats on getting it done! Yeah. Glad you updated your link at EtsyKids, I had been trying to get to your site all morning.

Love the embroidered tag blanket - very cute.

Linda - said...

Nice start Terri - You've inspired me to do a post in my blog and also to get my embroidery machine into action. I just haven't gotten that far yet. Good luck with the blog - don't get addicted.

EtsyKids Member