Monday, March 26, 2007

Okay, I'm gonna try to get some stuff up for Ginger today!!!

Ginger, one of my best customers and sales person that I have, asked me why I don't have my koozies and my flipflops up. I really don't have a good reason other than I think I burned out on flipflops last year. They were great sellers, but they do take some time. I'm gonna try to put up some older pics that I have and work on getting some other stuff up on Etsy, too.

Last Friday, I turned 38!!!! My sweet husband gave me a great day spa package and he took the day off so that he could watch the kids while I went. It was EXTREMELY relaxing. I loved the pedicure and the facial. I could have lived without the hairstyling and the makeup. It just wasn't me. I felt like I looked older the way they fixed my hair and did my makeup, but everything else was awesome. I felt like butter when I left there. I was soooo relaxed. I'm having a hard time getting back to work after that awesome day.

On Saturday, my house was invaded by the strep throat monster, and a stomach bug. 2 of my kids were sick. Needless to say, I didn't get a whole lot done this weekend. Hopefully, things will pick up now.

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