Saturday, July 17, 2010!

Ok, so I promised I would post more as  it occurs.   Lately, I've finished up all the door knobs on the first floor, with the exception of the front entrance.  That one is slightly intimidating me, but I WILL CONQUER  it.  No pictures of that!  

Today my hunky guy went away on a guy's only overnight trip.  He left me alone AND I was left in the mood to be creative.  Well, he's not here...we don't want or need to create anymore I had to do it.  I had to make something.  Picture below.

Please, excuse the soap on the side of the tub and the tag STILL hanging on the blinds.  It's only been on there almost 8 years.   Yes, there is water in the tub.  I was about to enjoy some relaxation and decided I needed pictures from a different angle.  LUV ME, in spite of my laziness.
Anyway,   I still need a plaque or something over the window over the valance.  AND the monogram is a little crooked.  I could take it all down and pull off the trim and fix it, BUT I am way to lazy for that.  Once it's this far's like a pain to fix.  I think I can live with it.  It looked straight before I hung  About the expanse of wall over the window.  I love 9 ft. ceilings but sometimes I'm at a loss as how to decorate all those spaces uniquely.   Hmmmm...maybe I need to invest in some cool vinyl saying or scripture to go over my bath.    I'm taking suggestions.  Be sure and leave yours in my comments.   In case you didn't know this is the bath off the master bedroom that we just finished painting.  It was also that steelly blue color before.  Now, it's "coffee with cream" or one wild kid child calls it "peanut butter".   Sooo, there you have it!   By the way, while I would love to take full credit for this, I first saw a vision of it after reading this post and then this post.  And then it was "voila" (I had to really think about how you spell that). 

Hugs to all of you.  Wonder what the hunky guy will say when he gets back to town?  We'll see.


Julie said...

WOW!!! And I'm partial to the "R" as well. Great job!

Sassy Sites! said...

CUTE!!! I love your blog! Great ideas! Stop by Sassy Sites and say HI! :)