Monday, July 5, 2010

The Road to a Cozier Home

Okay, so I haven't blogged in...oh...about 18 months. I've had a change of heart. After hours and hours of perusing hundreds of blogs and sites looking at home dec stuff and diy stuff, I decided it was time to crank up the blog again.

Since I only have about ONE reader, they probably know that I have been painting...painting...painting...and I still have more painting. We started with the master bedroom. It was so neglected. When people would come over we would even resort to locking the door to keep it from being seen in its neglected, messy, unorganized state. Not only was it the drop off for everyone's unwanted stuff, but it was just plain BORING and lifeless. I remember picking out this steely blue color when we moved in, but then I never did anything with it. I couldn't ever find the bedding I wanted or loved, my furniture is old and just plain yuck, etc. etc. WELL, it was the hunky guy's idea to start in there and start in there we did.

I will certainly give the hunky guy credit for the "coffee with cream" paint color that HE chose. I was less than excited about just seemed like "more of boring" to me. Little did I know that I would come to love it and actually ADORE it. I wish I had snapped before pics of the bedroom, but I didn' you'll have to use your imagination for that one.

Okay, you can't really see the color of the walls, but this is a good shot of my "ALL WHITE" bedding, which I love!!!. The nester inspired my love for all things white these days. Now, before you go crazy with the "I could never live with white" this and this. PS I use bleach... it's amazing!

I still need a headboard. The hunky guy says he can build one...we'll see if summer runs out before we get time.

OK...on to next project...did you notice the lamp in the above pic. It used to be brass...yes, ugly ol' outdated brass!!! Now, it's been spray painted with oil rubbed bronze spray paint from Lowe's. It was sooooooooo easy to do. I also picked up a new lamp shade while I was at Lowe's. WOW!!! Here's a closer pic of the lamp.

It has a cool texture that makes it look really realistic. Everybody wants to touch it. BUT, I didn't stop there....see these ugly brass door knobs. Yep. They're ugly here....however, now they are a a beautiful oil rubbed bronze!
For the record, the hunky guy was worried about this project, too. He didn't have faith in my diy ability. I got lots of sighs and strange looks when I was talking about it. I think he was thinking $$$$ and how much it would cost to replace all the door knobs if I ruined them. Since I didn't want to send him into panic attacks I started with the five doors in my bedroom/bath. I knew if it didn't work out so good then it would be less to replace down the road. I scuffed the doorknobs with steel wool and then did about 3 coats of oil rubbed bronze spray. I finished off with a matte clear coat so they would be durable. That night...the hunky guy and all his negativity towards my project attempted to scratch the door knob inside the linen closet with a sharp object. I didn't know this was happening. He happily reported to me later that he couldn't get it to scratch. As for now, they've been this way almost two weeks with no visible issues. Ask me again in a year, I'll tell you how they hold up.

Last project! I finished it just this morning. Ugly chair in corner of bedroom...gone!

Learned how to slipcover here. Great tutorial! Loved the results for a little less than $30.

More to the summer progresses! I love summers off!


Robin said...

Loved reading this Terri!!

Robin said...
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Tammy said...

new look at home and on the blog! love them both!!

Terri said...

thanks, guys!!! I was in desperate need of a makeover in both Tammy, tell Eric that I thought that was ya'll in front of me tonight, but the window tint was SO DARK I couldn't tell. Is that legal? He needs to ask his tint guy. LOL! Love you guys!

Tammy said...

It was us, and I'll check with our tint guy, but I'm pretty sure it's legal. He doesn't do illegal tint carted off to jail for it. :)