Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Richmond's Frolic in the Woods

Okay, after my zillion loads of laundry, Ken and I took the kids for a hike. We didn't want to go far, but we had heard about a trail behind the Nazarene church here in Dalton. Go figure, we're hikers and we have never been on it. Anyway, we didn't get there until nearly 4:30. Disney Trail. I did have some concern when there was a laminated note attached to the wooden sign that said, "Please, leave some note on your car telling us of your arrival. We like to help out when problems arise." signed "The Nazarene Church".

Well, we started out on a pretty steep trail that got steeper and steeper. We finally topped the top of the trail after several very steep rises in the trail. It was AMAZING. The view was gorgeous. I wished we had discovered this a few weeks earlier. I'm sure the leaves were beautiful then.

The best thing about our hike was -well, I turned as we were coming down and saw two pre teen kids (yes, I'm talking about Will and Bryn) actually engaged in REAL arguing, no fighting, just talking about, well, just stuff. I made Ken snap a picture of them without them knowing...I wanted to remember this moment without ruining the moment. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!! You see, Will and Bryn ARGUE constantly about EVERYTHING. We often comment that we wish they were as close to each other as Erin and Jay (they play lovingly together for hours). I think Ken and I realized that with the craziness of the year since July that we really have not taken the time to really SPEND time with our family. On the trail, I think there were no distractions, no craziness, but there was time to really talk and really listen to each other. It felt good.
Oh, and did I mention that there was some concern coming back down the mountain that we were not going to make it out of the woods and off the trail before it got dark...seriously? We made it by maybe 10 minutes...yes, 10 minutes. I was a little worried, but WE made it.
hugs and happy family time to everybody,


Brad and Shana said...

It's funny, someone was just telling me about that trail a week or so ago. I had told Brad about it, and we thought we would try it out in the spring. How did Jay do? We were concerned that SK couldn't handle the steepness.

Anyway, glad y'all had some great family time.

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Jay walked 95% of the time...if you stay on the trail it's steep, if you get off of the trail and follow your 12 year old because he doesn't know how to follow a's treacherous. The trail was covered in fallen leaves. That made for a more slippery desent. Erin actually had a harder time than Jay, but Erin's kind of a whiner and frady cat. She was constantly thinking she was gonna fall. I'm telling you-to turn around and see Will and Bryn in an actual conversation without us was PRICELESS. I thought we wouldn't see that again until they were in their 20's.

Tim & Angela Fleming said...

That sounds like fun! We will have to try it too! We love a good hiking spot! Katie and Kyle fight like cats and dogs too so I know how you feel. I just told them this morning I was going to start taking Christmas presents back if they didnt start getting along!!! lol

Brad and Shana said...


You mentioned on Angies blog that you were really focusing on the season of advent. I thought I'd tell you about something new I'm doing this year along with our advent wreath devotions. We're also going to do a Jesse Tree this year. It starts with the first sunday of advent. There are devotions that you read each night up till the Saviors birth. They are old testament devotions that point to the saviors coming. With each devotion there is a corresponding symbol that is a ornament that you hang on the tree each night. I'm really excited about it, the kids are going to love having their own tree and their own ornaments.....and each ornament is symbolic of a story in the old testament.

I got the idea from the Rocks in my dryer blog. If you want more info, let me know and I can send you some links.

Just FYI.....its such a cool idea

Tammy said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just stop time for a moment when your children are in a cease fire?? Glad you had a great hike. Maybe we will try that traill out sometime, although Maddie is very much like Erin. :)

Bridenstine3 said...

I didn't know you guys hiked. It seems like it was a good time. I love the way you describe things.

Nana Elaine said...

I am so glad you found the Disney Trail. I have hiked it for several years but the last time about 2 yrs ago Doug & I got lost.
The trail had not been kept up and leaves were everywhere. Coming back down we lost our way and wound up at a trailer out of deliverance, killer dogs and all.
We hightailed it in the other direction and at dark we found a spot where we knew how to get back to our car. Last time I've been.
The confederate breatworks on Sinai is fun and the Pinhoti trail. Let's get the youth out for a hike sometime.
Love You all