Friday, October 24, 2008

Ken's post...

Okay, everybody- Ken is feeling left out because he feels like all my friends are not reading his blog. I consoled him and told him that you probably didn't know he updated because you haven't added him to your favorites, yet.
Would you guys mind showing him some love so he doesn't misinterpret things and think that all my friends are snobs? Yeah, he's a little bit of a whiner.
He did manage to get one comment from somebody he doesn't even know. It's pretty interesting, actually. It makes you think.
I personally think that tithing is an old testament thing. I do believe that everything we have is God's and I'm called to give more than 10%. 10% is just a legalistic amount to make some people feel like they are doing their part. It kind of relieves the guilt for them. I also agree that there are some people who really are trying to keep it together (not many) and we should be giving to them, not them giving to the church. Yes, I'm actually saying that there are times when some of God's people can't take 10% of their check and give it AND I think God's intention is for us to help those people. I think the problem is when we feed our own materialistic desires and then can't pay our bills or give to God and his people. (note: I'm preaching at myself right now).
Oh, and when you're reading Ken's post-remember that he didn't put his stance on it. He just wants you to think about why you believe what you believe. He's really been pushing the kids in youth to figure out why they believe what they believe, too. If you don't know, it's very easy to be swayed by someone who is a gifted speaker, but not a scholar of God's word. May I remind you of the current election, when I make that comment.
hugs to you all!


Brad and Shana said...

I added Ken to my blogroll, so that way I'll know when he posts.

But, I must say, I may not always chime in......I feel like I know what I believe, .......but I kinda have 'moses syndrome' where I'm not an eloquent speaker or defender/explainer of my beliefs/opinions etc.

I think the concept behind Ken's blog is a good one, and he is certainly right that we should know what we believe and why we believe it.

I feel like in my head I know what I believe, and most of the time, even why I believe it. But, I'm not always good at articulating it in typed form (or spoken word for that matter.)

But, please let him know that I do and will read it faithfully.

Bridenstine3 said...

My dork of a blog roll doesn't update itself until I update which isn't very regular. We have read all the blogs. I asked Steven to put a comment on Ken's blog and he said, "he said everything, there's nothing to say." He should have put at least an "Amen, brutha". =) Tell him not to feel bad, only a few comment on my blog.

Cyndi Lou said...

I just posted a comment on Ken's blog!! (BTW, we need to get your pc fixed, don't we??)

Love you,

Cyndi Lou

Cyndi Lou said...


I just awarded you the 'Perfect Blend of Frienship' award. Go to my blog and read my latest post to see what a truly wonderful friend you are.

Have a blessed day!!