Sunday, June 8, 2008

Being Real...

Okay, Lacey and Kevin, this is for you who heard my husband say that we all paint beautiful pictures on our blogs. I thought I would share what our wonderful (sarcasm) morning before church was like.

Sunday mornings should be calm, relaxed and peaceful. You're about to go to a wonderful church with great friends who love you and learn about a God who couldn't love you less and couldn't love you more because of anything YOU do (thanks Pastor Dewey). So let me paint my sweet, serene picture of pre-church.

I roll over hopefully to snuggle with my husband. He's not there. I think to myself that it must be later than I thought because usually I beat him out of bed. I find him lifting weights in the garage and realize it's only 6:00ish. I ask him why he's not snuggling with me and he says that he had a nightmare that I was raped and murdered. Great start to the morning, right?

Well, after I shower and get my clothes ready, I begin to hear the children stirring. They gradually make it downstairs. Let's see who was mouthy first? Bryn or Will? My children really think they know more than us. Bryn gets sent to her room while I'm raging (yes, I do raise my voice often a bit more than I should) about her mouth talking back. Next, I hear Ken raging about Will's mouth. Ken doesn't like Will's hair and Will doesn't like for Ken to fix his hair. Erin says that Daddy threw the hair dryer on the floor because Will made him so mad. Ken exits to the back deck. I find him sitting on the steps. We discuss our children's current mouthing problem. With no solution in sight, we take deep breaths and return to finish the battle.

Jay is not up yet and doesn't want to get up when I go upstairs to get him. I leave him in his bed thinking that he'll get up on his own since I woke him. NOT...I hear him screaming my name at the top of his lungs and I trudge back UP the stairs to get him a second time.

We finally load the car and get to church...the long way for us, because Shaw has decided to block us out from driving through their parking lot. Jayden's crying that they locked us out of church. We still arrive semi early. We hope to convince Dewey not to present us until after the younger two go to children's church. We didn't convince him. I sigh...and say a silent prayer, "Please, God don't let Jay embarass us when we're standing in front of everyone." God heard my prayer, at least about the being in front of everyone. He only embarassed me before we got up there. He said in his loud voice when we were asked to come forward, "I wanna go to MY CLASS!" Yes, most people heard him. I think he got stage fright when we were standing up there because he just layed his head on my shoulder and was silent...a rarity.

After church, we decide to celebrate by going to Los Reyes-a fairly affordable restaurant for a family our size. Well, we get there and the door is locked. They don't open 'till 12. We're there at 11:40. We decide to regroup and go somewhere else. Jayden throws full blown temper tantrum in the middle of the parking lot-not a parking space, but the street part. He wants chips and cheese with rice. No Fudwuckers, No chinese, only chips and cheese.

Big Brother finally gets him consoled by telling him that if we go to Chef Lin(yuck) he'll get ice cream. Why does my husband like that place? Jay is finally is all right. We get to Chef Lin and get ready to go through the buffet. A fairly peaceful meal occurs. We get the bill to realize that Will and Bryn are no longer considered children. They've changed it to ages 9 and under. Well, that sealed the deal for Ken, we won't be back. It's "okay" food, but not at full price. It was only worth it if we were getting a deal. $40 for a "so- so " meal doesn't make him happy. Inside, I jump for glee. NO MORE CHEF LIN!!! I let him know that for and additional $10 we could have had the lunch menu at Ichiban's(my favorite). He agrees that it was a bad choice.

Sigh, the day does end more rides, four wheelers and just plain fun, but let me tell you at 9:00AM I just didn't think the day could be salvaged. It was!

As real as it is, I still can't bring myself to make it end on a bad note. This post was just for Ken so he'd quit saying I was lying in all my blogs. He is a glass half empty kinda guy and I'm a glass half full kinda gal- that's why we're together. God knew we needed each other. Isn't it great how he puts us together?

Peace out,


Brad & Shana said...

I love 'keepin' it real.

But more than that, I love knowing that I'm not the only one ready to pull my hair out on Sunday morning.

No complaints today though, poor Brad had to work very literally all weekend, and the kids are at Shelley's, so we decided to sleep in. Unfortunately, Brad got paged at 8:30 this morning, so we didn't get to sleep in, but we didn't have to fight with the kids either.

Here's to better luck next week.

Kevin & Lacey Hammontree said...


I love how you can be so real!! The funny thing is when I was growing up my brother & me did the same thing. I think I was a little more mouthy than he was. My parents would yell the whole Sunday morning before church. I was mad at mom because I didn't want to wear what she picked out for me. Oh!!! Tell Ken the hair thing between him and Will it won't go away. My brother is 21 and have you seen his hair. My dad can't stand it at all. The cool thing about being real is that when you get to church WE all have probably done the same thing. Why do you thing Kevin and I drive two cars? When it is all said and done we love our family and wouldn't trade any of them. Tresure the moments!! Love ya Girl


Kevin & Lacey Hammontree said...

OH!!! I hate Chef Lin and Kevin loves it!!!

I'm with you sister.


Tammy Howard said...

That's why I have a dog!!!

HAHA....he just follows us around as we get ready for church and takes a nap while we are gone.

All he wants in the morning is his food and a treat when we leave to go out.

Your story does reminds me of me and my brother too....I remember thos Sunday's a wonder we are alive as much as we made my mom mad.

Just remember...some day they will be all grown up and you will laugh about these days....


p.s. I don't like Chef Lin's either.

Steven, Meleia & Libby Bridenstine said...

That's funny. I always wonder what it's like in other peoples' houses before church time. I guess I shouldn't give up so easily. Way to go, ya'll--for perserverance, honesty, and everyone still being in one piece. Sorry about the scary dream. Yikes.

Jenny said...

First off, don't be knocking Chef Lin, they have good sushi. Them's fightin words lady! Haha, I'll admit that I've been inspired to do a "getting real" post too after that comment of his. I will say, however, that I haven't thought you were painting a false picture of your family. I love that you guys are down to earth and "real" people. But I do enjoy a deeper insight to the Wild World of Richmond!

Lata ho. (I liked the peace out.)

Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...


I SO loved this post. First of all, I am glad to see that you and Ken aren't perfect. (Up until this post, I was convinced that you were.) Secondly, I am glad that someone ELSE has the same kind of Sunday morning FUN (sarcasm here) that we have at the Rogers household. Thirdly, I am glad to discover that I am not the only 'glass half full wife' living with a 'glass half empty husband'. They can really wear you out!! WHEW!!! (That WAS sarcasm. I love my husband and I KNOW that God put us together for this reason and many more, but I digress....)

Lastly, I am amazed that you and Ken are going to lead our youth, the next generation, our children someday... LOL!!! I was only kidding there! I'm just keeping you on your toes!! Honestly, you two are still two of my most favorite people and I still think you are the best family to lead our youth, since Joey and Brandie must move on.

I HATE that we missed you and Ken and your family being presented. I have prayed for this day for quite some time. I just love how God works! His timing IS truly amazing!

I love you girl! Thank you for keeping it real!! Real just sucks sometimes, doesn't it?!!

Love you,


Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

Oh, and fifthly (if that even IS a word), I HATE Chef Lin girl! That place freaks me out! I will have to tell you my 'Big guy Chef Lin' story some day. I used to work with people who love that place, for some unknown reason. I am SO with you on that one!! The only good thing about that place were those sugary Chinese donuts they had. That is ALL!!

Love ya,


jonesfamily said...

I am so glad to know everyone else's Sunday mornings are as lovely as ours!!!
At least you have a longer trip to try to get it "fixed" before you get to church. Sometimes I think we live too close. It is still in full-out brawl mode when we pull up the hill!!
I too am excited about working with Ken & you. I think you guys will do an excellent job with the youth (even though we have to see Joey & Brandie leave to do it :(

And I vote - NASTY! That is Chef Lin. Let those men go eat it and that is fine enough for me!!!! (Still loving ya Jenny...LOL)

Here's to another vote on being real!!

CRogers29 said...

Oh, yeah, and I am likin' Tammy How's comment.... can we just have a dog??? Only follows you around in the morning, takes naps while you are gone and only wants a treat and love whent you get home.... How COOL is THAT????!!! WAY TOO COOL for words!!

Have a great day today in the Wild World of Richmonds!!



Tammy said...

Ugghh, you mean I have to wait until Maddie and Ella are 9 for Eric to decide that we no longer need to eat at Chef Lin??? Can I just say that I totally laughed out loud and felt as though I was reading a story about my family (minus 2 kids of course). Of course Sunday mornings are going to be hard. We don't really think Satan wants us to make it to church do we??? To bad for him that we are real with each other and if we show up to church in "full-out brawl" mode, we are going to love each other anyway! I love ya!