Saturday, June 7, 2008

6-7-8 WHO DO WE APPRECIATE?(okay, I left out 5, but you'll see)

As I was journaling this morning, I realized that the date was 06-07-08. That old cheer(see title) came to mind as I was writing it. I thought it would be cool if we spent today and the next few days thinking about who we appreciate in our lives. Of course, most of all ...I do appreciate God and His son that he sent for me. No one could do anything more than He has done for my life, but for this purpose-let's give some "shout outs" to our earthly friends.

1. My sweet hubby-he does more for our family than anyone. He's a Godly man with a lot of wisdom. I'm so thankful to have him to walk through this life with me. Without him I would probably laugh a lot less. Did I mention that he has a great sense of humor?

2. My parents- they raised me with a knowledge of who Jesus was...I never had to seek out the Father. He was present in my home from a very early age. They are still always there when I need help or assistance. It probably helps that they truly love my children and spending time with them.

3. A lady I met in college-Brenda Green. She truly walked the walk and talked the talk. I so enjoyed being with her and her family. She went out of her way to minister to me and several other girls in college. I'm forever thankful for that. I learned a lot about Who the Savior is and how he should be evident in our lives just from her. I have often said that my Mom prayed Brenda into my life when I was in college. She was a Dr.'s wife that just decided to come work at a Hallmark store(where I worked part time) because her kid's were in college and she was bored. She also was a non-practicing nurse, but wanted something not stressful to do. I'm so glad she did that...her ministry was very effective in my life.

4. My new(mostly) friends at guys are so REAL. I appreciate the transparency and love that you have. I'm so grateful that you don't all profess to be these "perfect" christians. We're all on a journey and I'm so thankful that God placed us beside you again. I sincerely feel that you guys would love me through any failure or shortcoming that I have. You simply admit that "you're all a bunch of cracked pots". I'm so glad that my shattered pot can sit right along beside each of you to worship the One who glues us back together( love the "bring the rain" blog)

Until tomorrow,
hugs and love,


Tammy Howard said...

We are glad your cracked pot sits with us!!!

We all have a lot to be thankful for.

Yea God!!!


Tammy said...

Now, come on - I think if your name is Terri and you go to EMC, you are "O Wise One"! :)