Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Whirlwind of a week and I still haven't gotten it all posted...

Okay, I'm a little behind. My friend, Jodi, referrred to this month(May) as the new December and I must agree. With four kids, May is definitely every bit as busy as December. Two weeks ago, I'm not sure I blinked.
It began on Monday. Dress rehearsal was Monday. Will and Bryn were in a school musical about Lewis and Clark. Well, they had to have "pioneer" costumes. I was behind as usual and spent most of Sunday and Monday working on their authentic (I'm stretching here) pioneer wear. I managed to get them enough done to make it through rehearsal and then spent the rest of the evening finishing them up for the actual production the next day(Tuesday).

I must admit the quality of the pics is sad to say the least. I wasn't managing my camera very well at all. The kids were wonderful. Will had a number of speaking parts which he blew out of the water. I was amazed at Bryn. I had no idea how dramatic she was. Several of the parents came up to me afterwards to comment on her animation during the play. She didn't have any speaking parts since they gave most of those to the fifth graders, but she did a fabulous job in the chorus. I have no doubt that if she tries out next year she'll snag a huge part just from her performance this year. Her facial expressions and smile won everyone over.
Well, on to the rest of the week. We had church on Wed. night. Thursday night....ahhhhh a night off, but alas Friday came and so did dance recital dress rehearsals. Another afternoon of makeup, costumes, and hair. Saturday was the actual recital. You had to arrive 1 1/2 hours early to snag a seat for all the relatives. Otherwise, you'd be sitting in the back of the Wink. That's like a football field away. Here's Ken's undercover video of the actual performance. Tammy H. and I had camera issues at dress rehearsal. Ken said he'd video the actual performance. It was quite undercover so excuse the bouncing around and off center shots. She did great. The best two bumblebees up there were Erin and Maddie. They were always on opposite sides of the stage so I never got to get them together. I was so proud of both of them. I'm also glad that Erin finally has someone as tall as she is to hang out with. Those two are both gonna be tall drinks of water one day.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I spent all day with Will on Friday at the courthouse. There was a mock trial. Alpha students countywide participated. Will was a prosecuting district attorney. I was so proud of him. The students were given affadavits-that's all. They were either given a role as attorney(on either side) or witness. The attorney's had to formulate their own questions and the witnesses had no idea what they would be. They had to answer the questions based on their study of the affadavits. I was SUPER impressed with all of them. Doesn't he look handsome? The D.A. that acted as judge that day got to critique them at the end. He said that Will had the mannerisms and actions of a real prosecuting attorney. He also said that he could tell that a lot of thought had been put into his questions during his cross examinations. Do I have a future D.A. in my family? Who knows? It was awesome to get to see him in action. I'm glad that I got to be there.

Needless to say, it was a busy week. This week was a little better, but not much. I got to go see Will's catapult contest in fifth grade on Friday, but for the most part no other huge events this week. Next week...let's just say, "here we go again".
Tuesday-Erin's awards program
Wednesday-Kindergarten Luau
Thursday-Will's awards program AM
Bryn's awards program PM/Will's rocket contest in fifth grade.
Friday-School wide awards program and last day tie ups.
Let's just say that I will be glad when this week is done and we can all relax!!!!!


Brad & Shana said...

Wow...that made me tired just reading it. No wonder we hadn't seen a new post in a while. Just another 4 days and you'll have a summer of freedom!! Hope y'all have a great summer of safe, family, fun.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement on Malley's blog. I appreciate it so much. I'm hanging in there and trying to "let go and let God".


Brad & Shana said...

Oh....and one more thing (okay a few, but who's counting)

The video of the recital was precious, and I loved hearing of all the school events complete with pictures. Your kids look great, I know you're proud....I would be too.

That's all, I promise (for now)

Jenny said...

You're like a super mom or something! I'm with Shana, that made me tired too. Props to ya lady. The pictures are precious and the video was great...I agree on the two cutes bumble bees. :)


Klingbeil Family said...

Whew - I'm with Shana and Jenny - I got tired out just reading about all your activities! Sounds like a very busy family. Maybe this summer will be a slower pace for the Richmonds?!
Great pics, great video

Tammy said...

Only 3 days to go!! I had to laugh when I saw the video of the recital. When I came home from rehearsal lamenting over having no disc and dead batteries, Eric told me he would do an "undercover" video, but I wouldn't let him! lol! Oh well, I guess I should have. They defintely were the best bumblebees ever! I love all your pictures. Will looks quite grown up I must say. Great memories - even if you are worn out! :)