Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Jayden!!!

I will apologize right upfront for the length of this post. It's been a busy weekend and many times I have thought "I need to blog this." With that being said, just hang onto your bootstraps while I fill you in on my weekend.

Our weekend began on Thursday night. We went out to eat at Fuddrucker's (a favorite of the kid's) with my parents. You see- Jayden's fourth birthday is May 4th. Well, Nana and Papa were going to Hilton Head so they wouldn't be here for the celebration. We just began celebrating early. Jayden was elated to begin early...the earlier the better. We had a great time. We got there a little early so we decided to fill the time waiting for them to arrive with a little video footage. I think he's following in his Dad's footsteps, don't you? I can just see him leading worship one day in the near future.

Friday night, my husband and I got to go out on a long overdue DATE!!! We had to pick up Jay's present for Sunday, so it was a perfect excuse to enlist the services of Uncle Mike and head north to Macaroni Grill with NO kids. That doesn't happen often enough at the Richmond's so we savor every minute of it when we get the chance. Not only did we stuff ourselves silly at the Grill, but we then went to Target to cruise around and let our food digest. It was so pleasant to shop without two small kids and two pre-teens. Trust me, the pre-teens can be as difficult as the small ones at times. The mega shopping trip worked up quite another appetite and we went to DQ for moo-latte's. Okay, none of this was on my diet, but it was so enjoyable that I thought I would just work out twice as hard the next day. We won't discuss whether or not I actually did it, but it was still so worth it to just spend pleasant alone time with my husband. He really is so much better than I could ever have dreamed I would have for a husband. I love you, honey!!!

Saturday, Ken decided to take Will to see Ironman...not a chick flick-so the girl's and I decided to sneak out before the movie and get our toenails done. Again, this was a super nice treat...we really don't do things like this nearly enough. The little asian ladies were so good to my girls and gave us all extra special treatment. Yes, Bryn chose lime green and while I wasn't thrilled- I did want her to be happy and have a good time. It must be popular, the bottle was almost empty when she chose it. Erin and I went for the more traditional look. My girl's look like they have big feet in this picture. Now that I think about it, they do. Bryn's foot is the same size as mine and she just turned 10.

Saturday night, I put together Jayden's cake. I am not a chef or a cake decorator!!! BUT, when Will was four I made this dinosaur cake for him. A picture of it is in his scrapbook. It was awful. I spent hours working on it and it just looked cheesy. Well, Jayden has been begging for this dinosaur cake-the one in the scrapbook. Ken came up with the idea of taking cupcakes and placing them together so they made a dinosaur. He thought that might be easier. Well, it was easier, but it still looks CHEESEY. Here's a pic of the finished product. Jayden insisted that it be a blue dino. He got to help decorate it. No awards on this cake. He loved it and I guess that's what counts.
Now, I'm gonna wrap this up. I know it's a lot, but I can't close out this blog without saying how much I enjoyed the service at EMC this morning. The sense of community in that church is amazing. Ken and I were talking after church about the willingness of the members of this body to "bear each others burdens". I am so happy to be a part of a church that is willing to break away from the norm and follow God's leading when it is evident He is taking the service in a different direction. I loved looking around the room and seeing so many people in pockets praying in small groups for one another. Praying for people that they were led to pray for. I know that you guys have been through a tough few years at EMC. I'm so glad that you stuck it out and hung in there. God is doing great things in your body. It is so evident. I'm glad you invited me to the party and I'm glad I decided to come.
Hugs to you all,


Tammy said...

Now that's what I'm talkin about! No need to apologize, I love a long post, especially ones like this one! I love Jayden's rendetion of Happy Birthday!! Too cute! And, how fun to have a girls day out for pedicures. I will so have to do that with Maddie and Ella. I am impressed that you made the dino cake, and it didn't look cheesy, just really yummy. It put me in the mood for some birthday cake! I know what you mean about church yesterday!! I was just in awe at how God totally showed up! I'm with you - I am so thankful to be a part of a church that can be flexible and allow the spirit to move as He sees fit. That is pretty rare! See you at ballet! :)

Tamara Chastain said...

No apologize needed. Honestly this is what I love about blogging you get to share your family with all of us. I super loved Jay's dino cake. It truly look (and I'm sure tasted)fabulous. I totally agree with you about yesterday at Church. It was awesome. EMC is a great place to be.

Klingbeil Family said...

Great post! Loved Jayden's singing - what a cutey! The cake looked great and since Jayden loved it - that's double good. All the toes look lovely! I need to take Kailey to get her a pedi - she would probably pick blue instead of green - blue is her favorite color for everything right now!
I agree with the rest that it is awesome to be a part of a church that moves as the Spirit directs. I was also touched by the pockets of prayer going on all around the sanctuary. Love our church family!!

jonesfamily said...

What a great cake! I try to do my girls cakes too, most of the time with at least one tiny disaster...LOL

I don't think I have the words to express worship service yesterday. It was just amazing....simply amazing.

Brad & Shana said...

Everybody knows that I'm longwinded, so this was definitely my kind of post. I'm with Tamara, this is why I love the blogs so much.....I love to get the fun details of everyone's family life....and I love to share the burdens when the posts happen to go that way.

I too agree with y'all about the service was very sweet! So sorry y'all missed some of the testimony time, it was wonderful!

Love ya

Nancy Suits said...

Happy "late" Birthday to Jayden!! Hope your birthday was great. The cake was way cute. Glad your weekend was special. Those are sometimes hard to come by.

Like everyone previously said... Sunday was awesome!! God was so there, so present, I could have stayed longer. I am not sure if all of you could see the youth, but I was in awe of them. To see them praying over each other just amazes me! We have a great group of youth and I can't wait to see what God has in store for them.

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Nance, Ken and I were also really encouraged by the youth on Sunday. We're excited to hopefully be a part of such a healthy community for God.
love you,

Tim & Angela Fleming said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jayden! Cute cake! Hope you had a great birthday!
Terry I am so glad you are a part of our church too! God is doing a mighty work at EMC and I can't wait to see what the future holds for our church and the Richmond Family!! Love ya, Angela

Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

Oh, Terri,

You have done it again! You have 'blessed my socks off' again! I, too, love hearing about everyone's families and seeing the pictures and getting the privilege of being a tiny part of all you do day in and day out by reading your blogs! It is a HUGE blessing and therapeutic for me as well.

Since I too, know how to do nothing OTHER than be long-winded, I LOVED this post!! This is my kinda post! I could have kept reading longer if you had typed more for me to read!! The dino cake looks GREAT and Jayden looked like he enjoyed it so very much! Can I hire you for this Thursday? Austin's birthday is May 8! :) I can't see the video from the office... I will watch it tonight.

I, too, was incredibly blessed by yesterday's service and to see everyone praying over one another and loving on one another was incredible! I also felt that God put you on my heart to tell you what I told you. You look like such a happy family and at peace!! I am amazed by how well you and Ken do what you do! You both have been added to my list of 'Heroes'!

God was totally moving yesterday and I was blessed to see that our pastor yielded to God's Spirit and we were just 'freed' up to 'keep on a prayin' and havin' church'!! Now, if that is not community, I don't know what is!!!

Just like He gave our family beauty for ashes, I feel He is doing the same thing at EMC. He is taking what we saw as ashes 2 years ago and He is giving us more beauty than we deserve!!! How GREAT is our GOD!!!!

Love you girl,


Tammy Howard said...

This post is what our Pastor would call...hodge podge....that means you talk about this for a few minutes and then put a period there and move on to something else.

I love the post. Love Jayden's singing and the time make an alligator....just kidding...gator fan here.

Glad you and Ken got to have a date. We all need those dates from time to time.

I'm glad you guys are back at EMC...and I'm glad we have such an awesome church. Sunday was awesome!!!



Steven, Meleia & Libby Bridenstine said...

Jayden is too cute. I love his song! You are way talented. Since God gave you so much talent, I'm okay with not having much. As long as He dishes it out in some way, it doesn't have to be proportional. ha haa

Jenny said...

How adorable!!! Your family is so precious and I'm so glad you guys are @ EMC. I've enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to more of it. God is definitely moving in mighty ways. I'm glad you & Ken were able to have a night of freedom. If ya ever need a baby sitter...I know of one. :)