Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whew, where have I been, and what have we been doing?

It's been way too long since I've posted anything. Summer has taken over my life. I don't feel as if I've had time to breathe-much less relax.

Last summer some very dear friends of ours (the Kadows) moved to Hong Kong. We have thoroughly missed them. Well, they just spent the last couple of weeks visiting and staying at our home. We converted the bonus room into their "new" master bedroom and the kids bunked in with our kids. It was like an extended slumber party. My kids absolutely loved it. You can see some of our fun in the following pics!!! I hope they tell the story.

It's Makeover DAY! The big girls convinced Erin that she needed a makeover.

LOVE the Makeup!!!!

Final hairstyle-complete with CHOPSTICKS....pretty appropriate, huh?

Audrey and Jordan both have summer birthdays. We celebrated by creating a great evening referred to as "Paint Night". The girls played at the nail salon while the boys painted each other at the paintball place. I have embarked on yet another obsession. Digital Scrapbooking! These are my first attempts at pages commemorating the night. Don't be too hard on me-these are my firsts. I'm still learning to use Photoshop Elements and haven't quite gotten all the bugs out yet. I can't even really take credit for the titles. Bryn made the comment when we were eating after all the paint had dried. I immediately snagged it for use in a scrapbook.

Well, sadly the Kadows had to leave. It's back to trying to rent a rental house, finishing up sewing projects, and just being a mom.

I shouldn't say "just being a mom". I love being a mom, but sometimes life moves so fast that I forget to enjoy what I have when I have it. I have to stop and remind myself that my kids are not going to need me forever. Will already seems like he's backing away. Lately, I have caught myself staring at them when their playing and just wanting to freeze that memory in my head. The other day, Erin was dressed in a spiderman costume and Jay was dressed in a batman costume and they were double riding her four wheeler. I watched them zip across the yard screaming something about saving the world. I loved it and I just paused and thought , "don't let me forget this moment." I wish I had caught it with the camera, but it was over before I could grab the digital.

So I leave you with....don't forget the moment!!! Cherish every second that God gives you with them.




Brad & Shana said...

So glad you are back to posting. I've missed your thoughts.

Loved your scrapbook pages! Very cute!

Also, a very timely message to me about enjoying your kids. I have to remind myself of that constantly.

Bridenstine said...

sniff, sniff---so true. Wow, I love the digital scrapbooking thing. We need a post on it's facts---do you print them, are they like forever acid free paper stuff...........want more info...very cool.

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Okay, about the digital scrapbooking thing. I am just starting, but I plan to upload all our pages from our mini vacation this summer and print an album. When I get that done, I'll let you know how I really feel about it.
Right now the pluses for me:
1. It is less mess but with all the creative side of it.
2. The program I read to be most effective is Photoshop elements, which you can get a free 30 day trial of-is affordable. Regular photoshop is hundreds of dollars, PSE is anywhere from 50-100.
3. It's cost effective. I literally have probably spent thousands of dollars on scrapbook supplies...a lot of which are consumable. You still can spend money on this, but nothing is consumable. It's all resusable infinitely. If you buy paper-that's it -it's a one time thing.
You can also buy theme packs with brads, ribbons, and elements that all tie together.
4. To print a bound book cost roughly the same as buying an empty scrapbook and purchasing the paper/supplies inside...well-actually probably less. I know how much some of you spend.
5. you can tear your paper, stamp on it, crop it, or change your picture size at anytime for no extra cost.
6. I also just started some pages for the youth group with our first activity with them. I sent them off to get 12x12 prints(about $2.50 each). I'm going to do a bulletin board in the gathering place with the layouts and then change them out. I'll take them down, slide them in a page protector in an album, and leave them in the youth room for them to look at...again-I'll let you know how all this goes. I'm waiting for my prints right now.

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Oh and I almost forgot the multiple copy thing. I've always stressed a little on the inside, because I knew that my four kids would one day fight over our albums. This way, I can print another album at any time.

And, I have to say the clean up is FABULOUS!!!! I can make three pages in the time it would take me to clean up from my scrapbooking saga's.

Tammy Howard said...

Glad you are back!!

I've missed hearing from you!!

Thanks for the reminder that we need to remember the moments. You are so right!!