Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Christmas is gone!!!

Well, Christmas is gone, BUT I'm still sewing. I'm always amazed that people are still ordering stuff. It's always helpful after Christmas because that's the super long pay period for my family. We go from Dec. 20th to Jan. 30th without a check. It's a tight, tight month.
I've been trying out some new stuff and hope to post some pictures soon. I did list a couple of baby girl onesies. I had a few newborn/3 month tees left and decided to make some gifts. I finished the Birthday onesie for an online customer and dropped it in the mail. She asked for the bows on the shoulders and I loved it. I'm working on a cute personalized bowpen, but don't have it perfected yet. I'm also hoping to do some coffee mugs, new(different key chains), a wristlet, and other items that are on my list.
Enjoy the snow, IF we actually get any!

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